The Collection

I’ve been collecting “vintage” computing, videogaming, and other pop culture artifacts for most of my life. Most of the items that I’ve had the good fortune to acquire over the years were either purchased or given to me back when they were new, but what I missed the first time around has often made for some of the most rewarding finds many years later – it’s the thrill of the hunt.

Nowadays, new items entering the collection have slowed to a trickle, and my focus has turned to sharing and documenting what I’ve learned along the way. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring, rediscovering, and reminiscing along with me about these items from the past.

Tales of Adventure!

April 1, 2024

The “reset” button has been pressed and the first few items from the collection have made their way to this new section of the site. Expect things to be missing or just plain broken while I begin to build out the functionality.